Tuesday, August 16, 2016

MTG: Eldritch Moon Game Days

This past weekend, game stores around the world hosted events for the Eldritch Moon game day. I found time to attend two different events, one on each day.
On Saturday, I went out to Rookies Sportscards in Lowell. They had a pretty low turnout, less than eight players. That meant no large prizes, but it was a casual and friendly event, which is what I prefer anyhow. We played three rounds, and I was fortunate enough to win all my matches. And we did get the standard game day rewards: a couple of promo cards for everyone, and a playmat for me as the overall winner.

I was playing Mono-white Humans, an all-or-nothing aggro deck. Nothing in the deck costs more than 3, and most are only 1 or 2. The idea is to simply flood the board with creatures and win before your opponent can recover. Key cards include Thalia's Lieutenant, Always Watching, and a whole lot of small Humans for them to make larger. It's not a top-tier deck because there are so many control decks that can kill all your creatures, but I was fortunate and didn't see any of those.

For Sunday, I built a completely different deck: White-Green delirium, with a splash of black. Vessel of Nascency and Grapple With the Past to enable delirium. Small creatures like Deathcap Cultivator, Topplegeist, Sylvan Advocate, and Gnarlwood Dryad for early board presence. Planar Outburst and Descend Upon the Sinful to clear the board when needed. Explosive Vegetation and Thalia's Lancers to search out lands and finishing creatures, respectively. And big creatures as finishers: IshkanahAvacyn, Sigarda, Bruna, and Gisela. Unfortunately, I don't have multiple copies of many of the cards, so the deck isn't very consistent. It's a lot of fun when it works, though, particularly if you can get Brisela, Voice of Nightmares in play. That ends a lot of games very quickly.

There were more people, around 20, in the Sunday event at Big Kidz Games. I won my first match against a white-red-black control deck, largely because Grapple With the Past and Bruna allowed me to keep bringing back creatures. Eventually he ran out of ways to kill them. My second match was a draw against blue-red-black emerge, running a lot of big emerge creatures and red damage like Kozilek's Return and Fiery Temper. We each won one game, and I was ahead in the third but time ran out on us. That's where my luck ran out, though, because I lost both the third and fourth rounds, with not enough lands in three of the four games. Lots of mulligans, but the deck just didn't want to cooperate. Despite that poor finish, I enjoyed playing the deck - I may try to trade for some more copies of the key cards to make it more consistent.

The Eldritch Moon game day weekend was good fun. Thanks to the various stores that organized the events!