Friday, October 23, 2015

Autumn Leaves

I don't remember a whole lot from my grade school days, but one thing that does stick in my mind is the Autumn Leaves project. Every year at Faith Bible Christian School in Beaverton, Oregon, fifth-grade teacher Mrs. Norrie gave her students a project to gather falling leaves and put together a display booklet.
Anyone familiar with Oregon may be wondering how well that would work, in a state populated by a whole lot of evergreen trees. The state tree is the Douglas Fir for a reason. Plenty of deciduous trees around as well, though, at least in Beaverton. Simply walking around the residential streets around the FBCS campus usually yielded plenty of fallen leaves to use.
I don't actually remember the details of my own Autumn Leaves project much at all. I vaguely recall that I may have done it in a different year than 5th grade for some reason, but otherwise it didn't stick in my mind. But the existence of the project, and the walk around the neighborhood to gather leaves - that I remember. I'm pretty sure that's because I'm reminded of it every year when the leaves change colors. Memories, like muscles, are stronger when used regularly.
The pictures here are nothing special, just a few trees from around my condo complex. But they're enough to remind me once again of a few days 30-ish years ago, when a teacher encouraged a bunch of kids to get outdoors and see some of the beauty in the natural cycle of the seasons.

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