Monday, February 8, 2016

Super Bowl Wrapup

It was a pretty entertaining Super Bowl that was played last night, with the Denver Broncos winning 24-10. It's always better when the team you're pulling for wins, of course.
This was one of those rare sporting events where everything went pretty much exactly according to the predictions, except for the outcome. The Denver defense was supposed to be really good, and it was. The Denver offense was supposed to be really bad, and that was certainly the case - under 200 yards, and only 9 points if you don't count the 4-yard gift-from-the-defense TD drive. Carolina's offense put up better numbers than the Denver offense, as predicted - 100+ more yards, and 10 points.

But the Broncos won, in large part because the Panthers made more mistakes. Four turnovers are going to lose you a lot of football games at any time of the year, and especially in the playoffs. The first-quarter fumble recovery TD for the Broncos set the tone. Denver's defense never left Cam Newton alone all night, especially MVP Von Miller.

So the action on the field was pretty entertaining. Off the field, not so much. The CBS commentators are my least favorite of the three big networks (NBC has the best and FOX is second, in my opinion). The halftime show did nothing for me, to the point where I spent most of it up and wandering around in the kitchen.

And then there were the commercials, none of which were very amusing or memorable. I did laugh at the wiener dogs, and I appreciated the Helen Mirren don't-drive-drunk spot. But in general the ads were underwhelming. The single spot that most impressed me was local - Art Van Furniture had an ad planned, but pulled it in favor of their president thanking people for their donations of bottled water and other support for the people of Flint. (Art Van stores have been central locations for water donations.) It's good public relations for Art Van, of course, but I think it still takes some guts to use that expensive ad time for something other than direct advertising.

All right, that's football done for another season. Now on to more important things...spring training starts in a couple of weeks!

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