Sunday, February 28, 2016

Spam, Spam, and Spam

I ate some Spam.
I probably should Internet-shout SPAM® instead of saying Spam, by the way. The official website has the name in all caps. But I do have some manners.

Normally, I wouldn't pick up one can of Spam at the market, much less three. But there was a coupon, and it had been years since I ate any Spam, and...OK, none of that actually matters. I just couldn't resist the idea, once seeing that coupon put it in my head.

That was weeks ago, but that doesn't really matter with Spam. They tell you to check the expiration date, but really, what could go wrong with it? Anyway, a few weeks is well within shelf life in any event.

Buying Spam is one thing, but deciding what to do with it is another thing entirely. Most of it got fried in a skillet, chopped, and mixed into various pasta. Mostly mac-and-cheese, and some penne with red sauce. Some ended up in a sandwich after the frying, which was surprisingly good on cheese bread with mustard.

There are three different varieties in that picture, but I can't say I really noticed the "bacon" and "turkey" flavor differences. Maybe if I'd eaten just the Spam, it would have been more obvious? Not an experiment I really cared to make. What I did notice is how much salt is in those cans. You need quite a bit of other the aforementioned mustard, or pasta balance it out.

The Spam is all gone, and I think I'm good now for a few years. Once a decade or so seems about right to revisit this particular taste experience.

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