Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Burger King's Hot Dogs

Burger King is serving hot dogs, and I ate one.
I like me some hot dogs. Happy to eat them when I was a kid, like most people I know. Never grew out of it. The usual preparation of dog-in-a-bun is fine, though I often end up chopping a few dogs up to add to things like mac-and-cheese. Get all-beef (or occasionally all-turkey) hot dogs and they taste just fine, no worry about mystery meat.

When I was working at Amway, there was a hot dog place across the street that was a weekly lunch destination. After it shut down, we made our own dogs for the whole department once a month or so. It got to be a big enough deal that the bosses bought us a grill and bought the supplies, treating it as a "team activity." That had mostly died off by the time I left, but it was fun while it lasted.

So when Burger King decided to serve hot dogs, I had to try one. I got the chili-and-cheese dog meal, which I almost immediately regretted because the fries were pretty bad. For future reference, better to get the dog alone (or maybe with onion rings). The hot dog itself was just fine, though. I wouldn't call it a gourmet experience, and I've had better hot dogs at specialty places, but as far as fast food goes it was perfectly fine.

Is the hot dog going to be a fast food hit? Early reports are promising. Maybe we'll see more traffic at the local Sonic (or whatever hot-dog-serving local chain you have) once people get used to the idea. I'm not going out of my way for Burger King, but if I end up there, I'm more likely to get another dog than any of their grilled patties.

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