Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Osgood Brewing

Wednesdays are often beer night for me, usually in conjunction with card and board games. We're on a bit of a break on the gaming front, though, so today I met up with some other friends at a local brewery.
Osgood Brewing is over in Grandville, about a half hour's drive from home for me. This was my first trip there. It's a nice roomy place, with lots of space both at the bar and at tables. Lots of windows, too, which made it easy for us to watch the heavy rainstorm outside. Better than walking in it.

I was meeting some other Rose-Hulman graduates for one of our semi-regular get-togethers. There aren't a lot of us up in the Grand Rapids area, but we usually get 3-4 people for our gatherings. And occasionally someone from further afield who makes the trip. Just three of us locals at this one.
As far as beer goes, Osgood Brewing has a decent selection. Several of each major type, such as stouts and IPAs. I tried four of them: the Oakestown amber, Notely's porter, Sol Seeker wheat ale, and Big Springs stout.
The Oakestown was by far my favorite. Nicely balanced between a smooth and strong taste. The others were less impressive, especially the Notely's, which has a very strong bitter taste. The Sol Seeker was good, but the lighter ales aren't really my thing. And the Big Springs seemed a bit watery, although that might be just the after-effects of that Notely's affecting my perceptions.

Osgood Brewing has food, too. I only had a small appetizer as I wasn't all that hungry - pretzel bites, which were just fine. My friends had a pasta bowl and a sandwich, both of which they were happy with.

It was a good first visit to Osgood Brewing. I'll have to go back, to try some other beers that looked interesting, and give the food menu a real try.

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