Monday, April 25, 2016

Disc Golf: Cascade Recreation Park

Another nice day today in West Michigan! Went out to try another local disc golf course.
This course is in Cascade Township, a bit further away for me than Old Farm Park. It's a nicer park, though. Quite a bit larger, and the equipment looks newer. Unfortunately, it is pretty close to I-96. On several holes on the front 9, the noise of the highway is pretty loud. Quite a few other people were out and about in the park, many with their dogs. There's also a fairly good-sized fenced dog run area that runs next to one section of the course. Best not to overthrow in that direction!
There are a few short holes, in the 100-200 foot range, but many are longer. A good portion are over 300 feet! That may not sound all that long, but certainly looks like quite a way when you're trying to throw a disc. A few are both long and uphill, which is extra difficult. I liked it, though, as it gave me plenty of chances to practice longer throws.
I only saw two spots with water, both off to the side. But there were a few more places that looked as if there might be water in wetter weather, including a creek bed right in front of one basket. Hard to see in the picture below, but at the bottom of that hill is the basket just across the creek.
And then there's the woods. Four holes are entirely in a wooded area, and there are plenty of trees. I hit my share of them, of course - not nearly enough throw control to thread the needle! None of these holes are very long, though. Good place to practice precision.
It's a little difficult to follow the course at first, because several of the tees aren't very close to the previous basket. There are some signs to help you find the next tee, though even with that help I still had some trouble. The park isn't big enough for it to be a serious issue, though, so I just ended up walking around a bit more while I looked for the right spot. Won't be a problem again now that I've been through it once.

Overall, it's a nice course and I'm sure I'll be back. Probably not just after it rains, though, so those potential-water areas stay dry.

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