Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Teeth Cleaning

What a difference six months makes.
Last January's visit to the dentist for a cleaning triggered a bunch of return visits, and eventually a root canal. It wasn't fully resolved until May. The cleaning visit this month couldn't have been more different.

For starters, there was practically no wait time. I spent a whole lot of time waiting on several of those visits earlier this year, both before the appointment got started, and during the process. This time I was in the waiting room for less than five minutes, and the whole thing took about a half hour. I know that's probably just dumb luck, but it sure felt a lot better to have things move along quickly.

I got another new kind of dental scan this time, a wrap-around image that scans your whole mouth. Apparently it's better than the old bite-wing X-rays, although they still use those as well. It kind of felt like an eye exam, since they have you stand at the machine and look forward at a spot on the wall while the machine does its thing.

The cleaning itself went very smoothly. They asked if everything was good after the root canal, which it is - I barely even notice the slightly-different feel of my crown any more. I must be doing a pretty decent job with my flossing since the hygienist didn't even tell me to do a better job, which rarely happens. No problems were detected, and the dentist said everything looked fine to him.

For years, this kind of easy visit was the norm for me, but my experience earlier this year was certainly an exception. Nice to have a simple dentist visit with no issues again, and hopefully it continues this way in the future.

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