Saturday, August 6, 2016

Yearly Check-Up

I generally try to get to the doctor once a year for a check-up. Not for any specific ailment, but just for the opportunity to catch anything going wrong in the early stages.
My latest appointment was in July, but I'd forgotten to put it on my calendar. When I got the reminder call from the doctor's office, I was out of town, and so I had to reschedule. That's not an easy thing to do for these check-up appointments. I'd have to wait an entire year to see my primary doctor, since they only allocate a few times slots a week to check-ups, and most of them get filled months in advance. As long as you don't mind seeing a different provider, though, rescheduling is easier. So I ended up with an appointment in August.

The most annoying part of these check-up visits is that you're not allowed any food or drink, other than water, for 12 hours beforehand. They do that for the blood tests. To minimize hunger and low-blood-sugar irritation, I like to schedule early morning appointments. That way I'm only hungry for a couple of hours in the morning, instead of all day.

The early appointments are also nice because you generally don't have to wait as long. Later in the day, prior appointments running long can cause yours to be delayed. There's usually not a line at the blood-drawing area in the mornings, either. This time through, I not only didn't have to wait, but actually got in a few minutes early. Pretty sure that's the first time I've ever had zero wait time at any kind of medical appointment.

The actual appointment was quick and easy. About 15 minutes of various poking, prodding, and taking of measurements. No immunizations out of date, or special testing needed for this particular year. I do have a history of cancer in the family, so they do some extra tests on my bloodwork (like PSA for prostate cancer). Nothing major, though.

A few days later, my test results came back - all normal. Not even low vitamin D, which I had last year...apparently the supplements I've been taking are working. It's nice that the doctor's office provides the results electronically on their website. I can access it any time I like, and look back to see how things have changed since prior years.

So it seems I'm doing all right for another year. Body isn't breaking down just yet.

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