Monday, November 16, 2015

Butcher and Beer

I got a flyer in the mail last week for a new local business. This isn't all that unusual, but the business in question isn't something I'd seen before.
My initial thought was that it must be a kind of deli/brewpub. I expected a little dining area, maybe sandwiches or brauts, and beers on tap. This was not the case.

When they say "Meat Market and Growler Station", that's exactly what they mean. It's a pretty standard butcher's counter, with a tap station behind the register. No dining, no deli, just the meats and a place to get your growler filled. I've obtained a lot of beer from a lot of places, but a butcher shop is a new one on me.  I didn't let that stop me, though. Especially since they were giving me a free growler. (The container. Still had to pay for the beer.)
That's a BBQ chicken breast along with the growler. I cooked it up on my counter-top grill and was pretty happy with the result. Went nicely with a bowl of rice for a couple of meals.
As for the beer, it's a cherry IPA that I've enjoyed, although the flavor is a bit on the bitter side for my taste. Well worth a try, though.

Good luck to the folks down at Campau Corner with their Meat Market and Growler Station. It's an odd mix of businesses, but you never know what may work out!

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