Monday, November 9, 2015

Refill Time at the Cookie Jar

Every couple of weeks, I head to the cookie jar and am disappointed.
Poor thing, looks so lonely. Don't worry, it was eaten quickly.
My standard response is a trip to Meijer for some of the basic store-brand sandwich cookies. But occasionally, I'll feel the need for something slightly more interesting. Last time I went shopping, there was some peanut butter cookie mix on sale. Since all three things mentioned there (peanut butter, cookie, sale) are relevant to my interests, the mix came home with me. The empty cookie jar says today was its big day.
Cookie Components
One egg and half a stick of butter didn't seem like a lot of damp stuff to go with all that dry cookie mix. But the people who design these things usually know better than me, and that was the case here. It took a lot of mixing to work all the dry stuff into the dough, but eventually it looked good. Worked out to 29 dough balls for cooking, each of which ended up as a more-or-less-round cookie between 2 and 3 inches across.
On the way out of the oven
Considering these came from a mix, I'm very happy with the taste. A little on the dry side, perhaps, but no significant issues. Quite a bit less work than mixing up all the ingredients separately, mostly since I didn't have to deal with the sticky peanut butter.
27 > 1 (I had to try a couple to make sure they were good!)
The size of the batch is just about right for me; should keep me in cookies for a couple of weeks. All things considered, a successful cookie operation!


  1. dude.. the ONLY thing to refil them with is the Ultimate chocolate chip cookie from Meijers.. One of the things (apart from a few peeps) I miss most about not having been back there these last 6 or so years.

    1. You live in the land of Tim Tams and you can even think about another cookie? It's true what they say about the grass always seeming greener on the other side!