Saturday, November 21, 2015

Snow Inbound

The first snow storm came through last night, here in my corner of West Michigan. It's not actually the first snowfall this year - we had a little bit a week or so ago, but it was barely noticeable. Since then, it's been very warm here, mostly in the 60s. But obviously that wasn't going to last, and it changed last night.
A couple of inches from last night, with flakes still falling.
I tend to wear things until they fall apart, and winter clothing is no exception. After last year, though, I knew I had to do something about winter gear. My gloves were literally coming apart at the seams, the sweatpants that make good winter night wear were worn through, and my heavy winter jacket is old enough that it's losing stuffing.
Ground is still pretty warm, so the sidewalks and roads are clear for now.
So I did some shopping over the summer. It's pretty easy to find stuff on sale when you're looking at the right time, and so I was able to pick up a bunch of new winter things at reasonable prices.
These will get plenty of use between now and March.
The best way to deal with winter in Michigan is to stay out of it. But when you do have to go outside, it's good to be prepared to stay warm.

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