Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Month (or more) of HBO NOW

I've waited until June, when most of the broadcast TV show seasons are done. Time to see what HBO has done this season.
When I was using Sling TV last year, I subscribed to HBO for a couple of months through Sling. I've since cancelled the Sling service, but fortunately HBO has another option for us non-cable subscribers. HBO NOW is a Internet streaming service that skips the cable company entirely. Turns out that I actually get the first month free since I've not used HBO NOW before, which is a nice bonus.

Strangely, when you go to HBO's main website and click order HBO, there's a description of the HBO NOW streaming service, but no link. Once I did find the link (back on the main page, at the top), there was still no sign-up option, instead directing me to open the app. So I installed the HBO NOW app on my Amazon Fire TV, and signed up there. That process went fairly smoothly, linking the subscription to my Amazon account. Then I had to re-enter my email address, and go back to the website (where I was in the first place) to finish up. Not exactly an efficient process, but it worked.

My primary reason for doing this now is that Game of Thrones is in the middle of its sixth season. I can catch up with the season thus far, and watch the rest of the episodes as they air. There are also plenty of episodes of Last Week Tonight that I haven't watched, which are always amusing even if a bit outdated. And HBO has a bunch of movies that I've vaguely thought looked interesting but never bothered obtaining.

So there's plenty of entertainment for my free month. Like most of my streaming service subscriptions, I expect I'll cancel it after a month or two. But for now, there's plenty to keep me occupied.

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