Sunday, June 12, 2016


Doesn't feel any different than forty, really.
Thanks, Google.
Which is always the case, right? Each day or month or year feels much the same as the one before. Then you look back a bit further and see how things have changed little by little. Forty-one may not feel any different than forty, but it's a far cry from thirty or twenty!

Lots of good birthday wishes today. Some came in the old-fashioned way, by mail and in person, over the last week or so. Many showed up on Facebook, which seems to be the standard well-wishing platform these days. Even an email or two, kind of in-between the old and the new.
Gift from my parents, a nice T-shirt featuring Japanese slugger Sadaharu Oh.
I'm not doing anything special today, but next week I've got a trip planned with friends to the Origins gaming convention in Ohio. That's my birthday present to myself. Should be a good time.

Thanks to everyone who sent birthday wishes and/or gifts. Appreciate the good thoughts!

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