Thursday, June 2, 2016

Disc Golf: Earle Brewer Park (North)

Decided to try another disc golf course near me, out at Earle Brewer Park. Turns out they have two different 18-hole courses in the same park. Played the north side this time out. Some of the tees and baskets look fairly old, but I didn't have any trouble following the course.
I think this is the overall longest course I've played. Several of the holes are 300+ feet, and in a few cases have blind corners so you can't see the basket from the tee. I'm still working out how to get decent distance on my drives, so it took me quite a few throws on a few of the longest holes.
About half the course is in the woods, but the trees aren't very thick on the ground. That didn't stop me from hitting them, but someone with actual skills would likely find the trees fairly easy to avoid. A couple of the baskets are in front of thicker woods, though, so if you overthrow then it might tough to get back out.
I was there just after the Memorial Day weekend, and the weather was great. Sunny, not too humid (at least when I was there in the morning), and just a little wind. Hadn't been much rain recently, either. Even so, there were quite a few stretches of muddy ground, so I suspect parts of the course would be pretty much unplayable after a recent rain. On the upside, there's no open water to lose a disc in - you might get muddy, but errant discs are retrievable.
Many of the holes run beside (or in at least one case, around) large stretches of fairly tall grass. Some of it looks like it hadn't been mowed at all, so it's probably some kind of protected habitat area. The pollen count was crazy high, to the point where I could actually see the dust gathering on my clothes when I inevitably had to chase an errant disc into the grass. Plenty of bugs, too. Remember your allergy medication and/or bug spray!

I'll probably spend more time at shorter courses like Old Farm Park, at least until I get better at distance throws. Easier on the allergies there, too, and fewer bug bites. Nice to have this course around, though, for a bit more of a challenge.

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