Friday, December 25, 2015

Solo Christmas

I'm spending Christmas by myself this year. Actually, most years. And despite what holiday traditions would have you believe, it's perfectly fine.
Nothing to do with the content of this post. Nice lights, though.
Holidays in general, and Christmas in particular, are known as time to spend with family and friends. Nothing wrong with that, but people tend to think that there's something wrong if you aren't having company or visiting someone this time of year.

I've taken to being very non-committal whenever the subject of holiday plans arises in conversation. It always does this time of year. The most casual conversation always seems to come around to "What are you doing for Christmas?" Coming right out with "Staying at home by myself" almost always results in some variation of "Oh, that's too bad." So I go with answers like "Oh, just avoiding the holiday travel rush" or "Having a nice quiet family time." (Which is technically true, as I am in fact part of my family.)

That's not to say that I have no contact with family and friends. After all, there are a lot of communication options. Phone calls, Skype, email, Christmas cards...plenty of ways to get in contact and wish people happy holidays. And I tend to do my visiting at other times of year, when I'm not dealing with tons of other people traveling, and those I'm visiting are less busy and stressed out anyway.

So what does one do while spending Christmas at home by yourself? Plenty to read, games to play, and things to watch...some of which are new from opened presents. But besides all that, I like to put some Mannheim Steamroller on the stereo and settle down to think on the reason for the season. Our Saviour's birth is a story worth meditating on. (Even if it probably wasn't actually December 25.)

So I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, whether you're spending it in a big family gathering or quietly at home. Don't be sorry for people who choose to spend it alone. Enjoy the holiday - I know I will!

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