Monday, December 14, 2015

Neighborhood Lights

I took a walk around the neighborhood a few nights ago. This might seem like a fairly dumb thing to do in December in Michigan, and in normal years that would indeed be the case. After our first moderate snowfall this year, though, it's been unseasonably warm. The temperature stays above freezing most of the time, even after the sun goes down. I wouldn't call it perfect walking weather, but with proper clothing, I stayed plenty warm.

While I was out, I took some pictures of holiday decorations around the neighborhood. I live in a condo, and there's basically nothing done to the outside of my building. You can get a stern talking-to even for putting up decorations in your windows. But where I went on my walk, within a mile or two, there's an entire subdivision of single-family homes that don't have to abide by the condo rules.

No one is going to mistake any of these for the Shilo Inns display, of course, or even Grand Rapids' own Christmas Light Show. Especially not with my questionable photographic talent, which is not helped by using a cell phone camera. But I still enjoyed looking at the displays as I walked through the neighborhood. Nice to see that my neighbors are showing a little of the holiday spirit!

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