Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Apparently, it's National Pizza Week

No, seriously. The second week of January is National Pizza Week.
The National Pizza Week special from the pizza place down the road.
At least, the Internet says it is. It's on this list of January Food Holidays, and pops up in various places around the Internet. Local news stations with nothing better to report have pizza week segments. The one in Chicago kind of makes sense, but San Diego...is the news really that slow out west? And of course all sorts of pizza providers are happy to make sure you know they can help you celebrate. The week had barely started before the first pizza week ad email arrived in my inbox.

Sadly, National Pizza Week has not been recognized by presidential proclamation. Can't compete with National Poison Prevention Week or National Forest Products Week - although I'd argue that I've had some bad pizza that could be a cautionary example for the former, and pizza toppings that represent the latter.

The second week of January seems an odd time to choose for National Pizza Week. Wouldn't a lot of folks be avoiding pizza while trying to lose the extra holiday pounds? Or still holding to the illusion that their New Year's Resolution to eat healthier will last? The cynic in me says picking this week is an effort to thwart those good intentions, but surely pizza industry marketing wouldn't be that heartless. Right?

Well, heartless marketing or merely the creation of grease-loving eaters, National Pizza Week is apparently a thing. Which I will celebrate, because who wants to miss an excuse to get a pizza?

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