Sunday, January 31, 2016

SWTOR: Recent Events

As L and I have been working through the Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) story as a duo, we've taken the time to investigate a few of the world events. These events are week-long and mostly rotate every week, although occasionally the schedule changes a bit. We've participated in three events: the Rakghoul Pandemic, Relics of the Gree, and the Bounty Brokers Association.

Rakghouls are sort of the Star Wars version of zombies. If you get infected with the plague, you get sick, and eventually turn into a mostly-mindless Rakghoul. In the Rakghoul Pandemic event, a planet is suffering an outbreak of the plague, and various opportunities await the player willing to fight it. There's an assortment of daily missions, mostly related to exploring a set of tunnels where the infection is sourced. Most of these are easy for a solo player, but there's one fairly difficult mission recommended for four players, and an operation-level giant Rakghoul boss requiring at least eight players.

L and I were able to do everything except the giant boss as a duo, although the four-player mission did require some time to push through. It wasn't really dangerous, but it took us a while to do enough damage to take out the bigger enemies. I also fought the big boss with my guild, the New Outriders, and that really showed up the difference that high-end raid gear makes. My tank Trooper couldn't survive against that boss, in mostly 208-level gear from non-operation vendors. Another guild member got his tank that had mostly 220-level gear from operations, and I barely saw his health move. We got the big guy down in the end, but it took teamwork and a whole lot of firepower.

The Gree are an alien race with advanced technology who show up occasionally around the galaxy. I first saw them in a quest line on Coruscant, helping the Republic rebuild damaged infrastructure. In the Relics of the Gree event, a giant Gree ship shows up on the planet Ilum. Players can do various daily missions for rewards from the Gree Enclave representatives. Similar to the Rakghoul event, there are several missions easy to solo, one suitable for a small group, and a big operation-level boss encounter. There are also a couple of world bosses that I know only from mention in the event missions, as I've never gone looking for them.

The Bounty Broker's Association event is a different beast. The idea is that players are being offered the chance to assist in bringing in bounties on criminals, presumably because the supply of criminals outstrips the capacity of the bounty hunters. Rather than having a set of daily missions, you can hunt down only one bounty each day. Finish enough bounty missions, and you're offered the chance to go after a bigger enemy.

My personal favorite is the bounty event, in large part because the daily time investment is minimal. It works great for L and I to track down a bounty together in short order, then move on to doing other things. There's several different missions, so you're not doing the exact same things every day. They're all similar, of course, but at least you go to different locations and have slightly different enemies each day. I also like this event particularly when playing Eltaix, since she's a bounty hunter and it feels right for the character.
Eltaix with her latest bounty target. Captured this one alive.
The SWTOR world events are interesting to discover as a sideline to the main stories. We'll probably get tired of them after enough repetitions, but for now, L and I are enjoying learning about the events when we happen to run across them.

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