Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Simple Food

I've been accused of having very pedestrian tastes when it comes to my food. This is generally true, though I have tried all sorts of cuisine at various times, and found quite a bit of it to be to my taste - Thai and Chinese particularly. But as a general rule, the simple things are what I want day in and day out.
Not quite done grilled cheese. Needs to be mostly black.
Sandwiches are high on my list of regular foods, especially peanut butter and jelly, and grilled cheese. I like hot dogs, and macaroni and cheese - often both together. Cereal is great for both breakfast and dessert, when the latter isn't coming from the cookie jar. I eat plenty of soup (have to get vegetables from somewhere) and Chef Boyardee ravioli, both of which go great with the sandwiches. And pizza, though not nearly as often as the other stuff I've listed.
Some assembly required for complete PB&J sandwich.
I know that sounds like a third-grader's list of favorite foods. I guess I never really grew up, when it comes to staple meals. I tend to eat more "grown-up" when I'm out, and I do enjoy a well-crafted meal of just about any variety. But left at home to my own devices, I can live on the simplest choices pretty much indefinitely.

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